Isimba Dam Flooding the Nile

The Isimba Dam and its impact on the Mighty Nile

It is a common misconception that after completion of the Isimba Dam there will be no white water left on the Mighty White Nile.

While the Dam will sadly flood some of the rapids on this stretch of the river, there will still be plenty of white water, and Kayak the Nile, Nile SUP and the Nile River Festival will all adjust slightly and carry on.

We were recently sent the following video, detailing the issues that should have delayed the completion of the Dam for 4-6 months, which puts the flooding at the September to November mark. So not only will there be plenty of white water remaining, we have more time on the rapids that will be flooded!

You can view an interactive map here:

 What’s Staying?

The following rapids will definitely be left in place post dam:

Itanda Babooska Chop Suey
Kalagala Retrospect Fairy Tale
Hypoxia Jaws Overtime
Superhole Pyramid Dead Dutchman
Real Deal Giggity Giggity Babooga
The rapid below the Owen Falls Dam

There is uncertainty about the Vengeance and Novacaine rapids. Depending on which displacement map you look at they are either flooded or unaffected, hopefully we can update you more on this before completion because we are working on clarification with the construction company.

If you would like any more information on the Dam, please either visit the Isimba page on our website ( or get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer.

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