Fun fact! Lwazi means “rock” in Luganda 🙂


Precise directions (thank you Pierre):

Take the road to Kalagi via Gayaza. Just after the T road cross in Kalagi take à muren road on your left, direction “Kijjo Umea nursery and boarding primary School”. After 1.2 km take left sign “Nakanyonyi day and boarding School”, then drive 2.7 km and turn left; after 1.1 km you pass a house with blue facade and a green field in front, this is your parking place, you give 3000 UGX per car to the family (Ischma).  Then you follow the path behind the house which leads to the top of the cliff and you have fun!

GPS coordinates of the parking: N00.53998      E032.72744

Distance: 40km from Kampala, meaning one to one and half hours depending on traffic and where you start from in Kampala


Topo (by Pierre):


Safety concerns: