Clarke Quarry

Sign up to climb with us Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at Clarke Quarry in Muyenga!

Photo: Emmanuel Kiwanda


Fees and Sign up

MCU members:

  • 10 000 UGX climbing fee
  • 5 000 UGX to rent gear

Interested non-members: You can try climbing with us once for 20 000 UGX which includes climbing, gear and instructions.

Sign up on Facebook or in the MCU Climbing Whatsapp group.

Rules on site

Climbing at the quarry is only permitted to MCU members. If you’re not yet a member, visit our Become a Member page to sign up.

Rock climbing is inherently dangerous.  All climbers must understand and accept the risks involved.  Any person using any gear in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques and exercising good judgment. Failure to do so can result in severe injury or death.  We strongly recommend that every climber seek instruction by a qualified professional.

You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. MCU is not liable for any injuries.

You are responsible for inspecting all pieces of fixed anchor points and intermediate bolts for safety on each climb, and you are responsible for knowing and respecting your own capabilities and limitations as well as the limitations of all the climbing equipment you are using. The use of secondhand equipment is strongly discouraged.

Be aware that loose rocks are a constant hazard.

We strongly advise everyone to wear proper rock climbing helmets at all times near the rock wall.

Climbers must be vigilant and always “test before you trust” the stability of a rock hold.

Climbers under 18 must have a parent or guardian present at all times. Children are welcome to climb at the quarry, but we request that parents or guardians belay for their children.

In case you don’t own your own gear, climbing gear rental is available during official MCU events.


From Tank Hill Road head toward Bukasa Road. Turn left onto Kalungi Road. Take your first right onto Kawagga Close. The quarry is on private property at the end of the road. Parking is available to MCU members.

The crag is a 1 minute walk from the parking area. No parking is permitted outside the dirt parking area.