MCU charges an annual membership fee for attending activities and events that the Club organizes. This fee lasts for a year and allows you to participate in an unlimited number of Club activities in that time. It does not cover costs associated with the individual trips or events, such as accommodation, food, transport, climbing gear hire, etc.

Visit our Become a Member page to sign up.

Annual membership fees:

– individual adult membership for Ugandans: 50,000 UGX
– individual adult membership for non-Ugandans: 100,000 UGX
– family membership: 150,000 UGX
– student and under 18 memberships: 20,000 UGX

Membership fees can be paid at any MCU event. Your membership will be activated as soon as receipt of payment is verified and will expire one year from your registration date. Active members will receive an email that can be used as proof of membership and can pick up a physical membership card at any MCU event. The charge to replace a lost card is 10,000 UGX.

*Children under 16 at any MCU event must be accompanied by an adult.

Terms and Conditions

All MCU members are required to acknowledge, accept, and abide by our Terms and Conditions.

For any questions about MCU membership please email: