Past Trips

Easter Hike at Mount Elgon

By Sabine Ebner, April 2021

Sabine tells us about the MCU hiking trip to Mount Elgon at Easter 2021. You will find great pictures and all you need to know about hiking up to the highest peak.

Climbing Rwakobo Rock

By Hugo Hotte, April 2021

Read about climbing at Rwakobo Rock near Lake Mburo and see pictures of the beautiful climbing site, including an irresistable chimney that everybody battled with at this Easter climbing meet up.

Irresistible Mount Moroto

By Pascqa Lorna Abur, June 2018

Lorna shares with us her experience in the land of the Karamojong hiking the beautiful mount Moroto and meeting interesting people. Information on the trip, what to pack, transportation and accommodation is here, read more if you are interested!

Hiking Mount Muhavura

By Pascqa Lorna Abur, June 2018

If you are interested in the mountains bordering Uganda, RDC and Rwanda and the urge to conquer the highest of the Virunga Mountains in Uganda is strong in you, as it was for Lorna, read more about her story

Kilimanjaro Post Report

By Angela Godshall, January 2018

Interested in Kili?  See this detailed, step-by-step report with all the details you’ll need from choosing gear, picking a good route, organizing your group, planning the timeline, etc.  Itineraries and pictures included!

Hiking Mount Sabinyo

By Alexia Falisse, October 2017

It is Friday 23rd of November, a bit after midday in Kampala. The sky is grey, the air cool after the morning’s abundant rain fall. In the craze of Black Friday, our small crew of MCU hikers – Stuart, Jess, Hannah, Bara and myself under the masterly leadership of Lorna – has managed to come together on Lugogo Mall’s parking lot. It is with no regret that we leave behind the shopping-addicts in Dantesque queues, their joins whitened around brand new price-reduced flat screens. Our Living Salon EX is a full option van from the 90’s with ashtrays and electric lace curtains on the windows. Fetishes hang out on the front rear window: a pink monkey with a woolen hat and a Ugandan flag. We’re set to the cold, Gorilla territories.  Read More…

Hiking Mount Gahinga

By Pascqa Lorna Abur, August 2017

I had never heard of Mount Gahinga prior to Matt Battani, the secretary of the Mountain Club of Uganda, who mentioned it to me. He recommended it as a less technical 6-8 hour day hike that could easily be fitted in over a weekend. This sparked so much excitement inside me as it meant I could head out to Kisoro, very close to the Rwanda-Uganda border, Read More…

Kadam the Peak of the Damned
By Nicky Young, July 2016
I am not one for fanciful thinking, I don’t believe in mythology or magic and I am far from superstitious. In retrospect however, we should have paid attention to the omens that warned us not to hike Mt. Kadam. Previous hikers have praised the Kadam guides as knowledgeable and helpful, unfortunately for us these guides were away. Our guides, we later found out barely knew their way up the mountains. We squeezed ourselves as two to a boda with our hiking backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, litres of water etc. and headed to the base of Kadam via a small overgrown mud path. Read More…

#TrySomethingNew – Rock Climbing
By Olive Nakiyemba, June 2016
Rock climbing… My first encounter with someone who was into rock climbing was early last year at Nile River Explorers, Brian had the most calloused hands I’ve ever shaken; they felt like uneven wood. Because I was so curious, I asked him why. He told me about rock climbing; a pastime where participants climb up, down or across a rock with the aim of reaching the end point of a (usually) predefined route without falling. I remember thinking to myself; White folks, always on some death-wish of some sort or the other. Read More…

Mt. Napak- Easter 2016
By Dimitri Verge, April 2016
With the main Easter MCU trip to Mt Elgon being already fully booked, we planned a last minute alternative trip for more hikers to enjoy their 4-days holiday, and headed to Karamoja again! Two cars with ten of us inside departed towards beautiful Mt Napak, part of the “Karamoja triangle” (the 3000m high Napak, Kadam and Moroto – on a clear day, you can see the two other mountains from each peak). Read More…

Mountains of the Moon: Trekking In The Rwenzoris
By Shannon Orcutt, January 2016
When I first found out I would be moving to Uganda, I started searching for good adventure opportunities and came upon information about the Rwenzoris. Since then the “Mountains of the Moon” have been on my list. Everyone talks about Kilimanjaro, the continent’s highest peak that has become overrun with tourists, but outside of Africa the Rwenzoris are relatively unknown. Read More…

Abseiling on Sipi Falls
By Deo Lubega, Patron of the Mountain Club of Uganda, November 2015
From 11th – 15th November 2015 the UNDP/UTB/UNWTO under their “Inclusive Markets in Tourism” project organized a Familiarization trip to Mbale and Mount Elgon which was code named Uganda’s Lesser Known East and I was among the participants selected to go for this trip. We were hosted by the Eastern Entrepreneurship and Tourism Network EETN which is the Tourism cluster serving Eastern Uganda, EETN is composed of tourism service providers in the private sector and Mount Elgon National Park UWA, their mission is to develop and promote tourism in this region. Read More…

Tropical Carrot – Kayaking The Upper Tana
By Thomas White, June 2015
In June, a few MCU members headed to Kenya to do some whitewater kayaking on the Upper Tana river near Sagana. Here is the short film ‘Tropical Carrot – Kayaking the Upper Tana’ showing their journey on and off the amazing river.
Staring MCU members: Thomas Kleinveld, Adam Cameron, Shannon Orcutt, Thomas White and Kyle Holloway. Read More…

Mt Napak
By Thomas White, May 2015
Making the most of the 1st May public holiday a group of us from the Mountain Club of Uganda headed to the North-East of Uganda to hike Mt Napak. 4 cars driving in convoy through the Karamoja plains, this was made better by the fact that we had bought a random CD whilst refueling in Soroti. As we drove through the majestic landscape with mountains rising up in front of us some of the best music ever heard was played to us. Read More…

By Andrew Kaiser-Tedesco, February 2015
We rose at 5am but the faulty connection on our car battery foiled our plans for a pre-dawn arrival. The slightest bump would rattle the battery terminals, causing our car to shut off spontaneously. We cursed the cheapness of our rental car owner, while Kyle jumped out a half dozen times to reconnect the battery before we finally made it to Rwot at day break. Read More…

By Andrew Kaiser-Tedesco, February 2015
After the suffer-fest of Rwot, we woke the next morning in a non-committal mood and made the most sensible decision in such circumstances: to have a scrumptious breakfast! Full bellied, we checked out and resolved to “at least taking a look”. It took about 45min down fairly good road before Amiel finally reared up along the sky line. From a far, the dome is already impressive. We passed several other small but steep granite faces, which may one day hold potential for sport climbing. Read More…

Mt Morongole
By Jenny Farmer, August 2014
Travelling to Kidepo Valley National Park- a ten hour car journey, or broken into two days with a break at Karuma Falls. Mt Morongole sits on the border of the National Park, and hiking here has to be arranged through the Uganda Wildlife Authority officers in the park at least one day in advance. From the campsite in the park it takes about an hour to drive to the start of the walk. Read More…

Bound for Mt. Moroto
By Anya Whiteside, 2013
Sometimes some things just have to be done. And when you hear of a mountain climbing adventure scaling peaks with names that sound like they’re from a Lord of the Rings novel in a remote part of Uganda it would be rude not to. Read More…

Walking the Bwamba Pass with the MCU
By Steve Hynd, March 2013
A low level of laughter drifts in the air through the wood smoke as we crouch around the flickering campfire. Dotted around the fire are bits of bamboo that protrude from the ground. The sticks are sharpened to a point at one end and have chunks of beef skewered on them hanging over the open fire. The beef both absorbs the smell of the wood smoke and gives off a tantalising aroma. Read More…

MCU Kayak Lessons
By Dan Smith, February 2013
Nothing could have prepared me for running Bubugo. When we sat upstream of the monster, all we could see were small puffs of white spray over the horizon and an ominous rumble. As I plunged down behind Sam, the lead instructor, in to the huge hole before the main wave, I watched as he was engulfed in several meters of snarling white water and knew that I wasn’t going to be going by his first piece of advice, “Follow my line.” But as the water threw me over I remembered his second piece of advice, “If you flip, just hold on and you’ll be in the pool before you know it.” Having had countless experiences of these guys ability to paddle up stream in to a rapid to rescue you, I knew I had to hang on. I wasn’t wrong and sure enough there he was with a T rescue in the middle of some of the biggest white water in the world. This was day five. Read More

By Toks Amon, 2012
I’m Amon. and I am an MCU member. I started Rock Climbing on 10th July 2012 after critically observing and watching some MCU members including Jenny Famer, Charlie Langan, Nabil Alam and Daniel Smith climbing. This also inspired me to learn Rock climbing. Read More…

Sipi Falls hike
By Tina Kiwanuka, November 2012
A few weeks ago MCU visited Sipi falls in Kapchorwa district to explore hiking around the falls. The Sipi falls consist of a set of three waterfalls that offer a breath taking view and amazing scenery. Lots of birds could be viewed as we climbed to the top of the hills trekking through lush tropical vegetation. The weather is very cool all year round and this highly rates Sipi as an ideal destination for hiking. We spent close to two hours hiking around the Sipi falls and what better way to make for a great morning. Read more

The new Lake Mahoma Trail in the Rwenzori foothills – “In the Footsteps of Elephants”
By Jenny Farmer and Charlie Langan, October 2012
After two days of rock climbing around Kilembe mines where a few new rock climbing routes were excitingly discovered and bolted, we travelled from Kilembe to Ibanda on Sunday afternoon, visiting the RMS office to greet them and enquire about accommodation outside the park for the night. Information was hard to come by prior to arriving and although there were a number of options around, each of these required a bit of enquiry. Continuing past the RMS office along a very bumpy track we reached Rubogo; some community run ecotourism accommodation but with no space for camping. Opposite was the empty RMS lodge, where we were able to camp in the garden for 5,000/-. Along with the new Geolodges Equator Snow Lodge there are a number of options for accommodation near to the gate. Accommodation near to the gate was the most convenient option when planning an early start into the park the following morning. Read more

Gulu – inspiring kids, bush camping and rock climbing!
By Jenny Farmer, September 2012
Saturday morning, 5am, Orion clear in the sky. It’s time to get on the road to Gulu. The Mountain Club of Uganda (MCU) is off on another weekend away! Dawn comes as we whizz up the nice road to the Masindi turn-off, but for once going straight on instead of my usual left turn towards Murchison. The road immediately gets a few more potholes. Passing the mesmerising Karuma Falls, white water churning its way down through forested banks, we crawl slowly over the bridge to watch as much of the river as we can. The road to Gulu gets worse, with the last 60 km slowing us down as we try to keep our little car from becoming lost in the potholes, but eventually we arrive into Gulu, very excited to finally be visiting the town so talked and much heard about. Read More…

First time rock climbing adventure – Tororo
By Grace Ayoo, July 2012
We set off as a team from Kampala heading to Tororo (my home town) to climb the famous Tororo volcanic rock which nearly sits in the centre of the town. Much as I had grown and lived in Tororo right at the foot of the rock, I had never had the courage to go rock climbing. When I got this opportunity with the MCU, I knew that I had to do it especially now that I had company. When we reached the town, we had a chance to have lunch and after that we headed straight away to the base of the rock to start the 45 minutes (or 30 minutes for some people) climb. Read More…

Tororo & Sipi
By Charlie Langan, July 2012
The Club set out for Tororo rock having heard of its potential as a climbing spot. Tororo is approx 4 hrs along the main road to Kenya and the rock is quickly visible on the approach into the town. The rock is reached by heading into the centre of town and then turning right at the central roundabout, and about a 1 km later another right turn is taken towards the golf course. The rock has an old cable car for servicing the radio towers on the top of the rock, however it was out of order when the Club visited. Read More…

Mount Elgon – Wagagai Peak
By Charlie Langan, June 2012
Mount Elgon National Park is truly stunning. The first stretch on the trailhead on day 1 snakes up through the hillside communities above Budadiri, where the hardships and fragility of living and working in this tough, steep landscape are evident- days before a landslide had killed two people and since there have been much more severe problems. Ascending further the trail enters the National Park and straight away climbs the Wall of Death! Although conjuring horrifying images, this is simply a steep section where UWA has constructed a series of ladders, ramps and boardwalks through the cliffs, and our guides repeatedly assured us that no one had actually died.  Read More…

Mount Elgon – Wagagai Peak 
By Caro McPherson, June 2012
The climb of Mount Elgon was a great experience, which I could recommend to all visitors to Uganda, and Ugandans interested in seeing different parts of the country. In our four day journey, we passed through a lot of different and beautiful scenery, culminating in breathtaking views from the 4,321m peak of Wagagai. Read More…

Mount Elgon – Community trek
By Lucy Beck, June 2012
While Kampala is truly a great, vibrant and exciting city every now and then I find nature calling and the serious desire to be out in the fresh air surrounded by greenery. One such urge compelled me to join the MCU and sign up to their Mount Elgon trip at the start of June. Read More…