By Toks Amon, 2012

I’m Amon. and I am an MCU member. I started Rock Climbing on 10th July 2012 after critically observing and watching some MCU members including Jenny Famer, Charlie Langan, Nabil Alam and Daniel Smith climbing. This also inspired me to learn Rock climbing. My first time wasn’t easy because I could only climb with bare feet because none of the climbing shoes fitted me, and I wasn’t physically fit. In Aug 2012 I joined the Club & I become actively involved in Rock climbing up to date. As a member of MCU I have been exposed to many important people such as Engineers, Doctors and social workers. I have been able to maintain my body fitness and health. I have also been able to acquire more skills in Rock Climbing. It has given me a chance to serve as tour guide of the MCU Members around my Village. It has enabled me to interact with people from different countries. However, I have experienced some difficulties such as – lack of money to pay for transport to trips that are far from Kampala. Much Love MCU, Amon.