Roma Wall

It is here – Uganda’s first Boulder Wall! In the backyard of Caffé Roma on Tank Hill Road, you can find the MCU’s Roma Wall. MCU members are welcome to boulder anytime, enjoy the changing boulder problems and work on their strength. Try hard – you won’t fall far!

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing close to the ground, so you don’t need a rope. When bouldering, you try to climb short but often hard routes. Don’t despair – it sometimes takes several sessions to manage a route.

The routes at Roma Wall can be identified through the colour of the holds. You start with the lowest handhold of one colour (often with a paper tag) and then work your way up to the highest handhold of the same colour (again normally with a paper tag) and touch it with both hands. As we don’t have so many holds in Uganda, we sometimes also mark routes with tape.


The difficulty of each boulder is identifiable by the colour of the starting and finishing ‘tags’ or by a specific difficulty grading.

Colour coding: Green – Easy, Yellow – Medium, Red – Difficult, Black – Crazy


MCU members can boulder anytime for a fee of 5k. Shoe rental is only available at specific events.

At Bouldering events:

MCU members: 5k for bouldering, 5k for shoe rental
Non-MCU members can try bouldering once for 20k inclusive of climbing fee and rental equipment (at events).