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Welcome to the Mountain Club of Uganda

The Mountain Club of Uganda has been in existence discontinuously since 1945. Recently though there has been an increased interest in outdoor adventure in Uganda, which led to the Club’s revival in early 2012. Since then the club has gone from strength to strength.

In its current guise, the Club aims to serve as a platform for budding and experienced outdoor enthusiasts to meet, as well as to promote outdoor adventure in Uganda. The MCU regularly organizes and shares information about high adventure activities such as whitewater kayaking and rafting, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, and biking.

Aims of the MCU:

MCU acts to promote and develop all aspects of outdoor adventure and mountaineering within Uganda. This includes;

  • Sharing knowledge and information on Uganda’s mountains.
  • Organising mountaineering trips and development of mountaineering within Uganda.
  • Helping to protect, develop and enhance Uganda’s mountain environment allowing optimal, sustainable use.
  • Becoming a recognised expert and definitive consulting body on the Ugandan mountain environment.

2019 Committee Members:

Chair: Hugo Hotte

Vice Chair: Kiwanda Emmanuel

Secretary: Florence Bosibori

Treasurer: Colleen O’Donnell

Hiking Coordinator: Agasha Dahil

Climbing Coordinators: Zach Leavitt

Kayaking Coordinator:

Communications and Archives: Andie Procopio

Open Committee: Sebestien Milleville, Kristian Cejka, and Dave Moore

Advisory Board: Deo Lubega, Jenny Farmer, Nabil Alam

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Club Governance

Memorandum and Articles of Association (2019)

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