Kungu rock is a unique religious site located just north of Kampala, worth a visit by climbers and non-climbers, alike! The sacred rock itself is impressive, but visitors to the site will also find a beautiful ficus tree with a prolific root system, as well as, an additional offering site further downhill from the rock.

MCU negotiated access for climbing at Kungu’s rock in 2017, and several top rope routes were bolted in 2018, suitable for intermediate to expert levels.

The giant rock of Kungu is completely bisected by a narrow crack. In this crack, worshipers often place gourd bowls filled with offerings to the rock divinity. To set top ropes, climbers will have to shimmy between the slivered rock, taking care to respectfully navigate around the offerings, make their way through a small hole up to the first ledge, and then lead climb a slabby section consisting of 3-4 hangers to the top of the rock. Note that it’s a tight squeeze! The crack narrows considerably, so climbers wishing to set top ropes will likely need to be slender framed without fear of confined spaces. Climbers who put their harnesses on prior to entering the crack will likely not fit through the hole to the first ledge. Climbers with broader frames may be able to climb over a rock in the crack, rather than squeezing through the hole; however, this should be done with great care as there are no anchors or bolts at this section of the climb and the rock there gets slick when wet.



The Kungu crag is a >1 minute hike south-eastward off the dirt road. MCU has arranged to be able to park along the road for a small fee (5,000 UGX) and should be paid to Omar (0701864270), who provides security for the area.


Driving Directions:

Take Bombo Road/Kamapala-Gulu Hwy north. Continue past the National Agricultural Research Laboratories for 21 km, then turn left onto the dirt road toward the town of Kungu. Continue 2 km, then turn right. Drive another 350 m and make your first right. Continue for another 50 m. You may park along the side of the road just before it narrows to a foot path. On foot, follow the path southeastward which leads to the base of the Kungu rock.

GPS coordinates for parking: 0.492052, 32.509215.


Topos and Photos:

We don’t yet have topos or ratings for the routes at Kungu.