Sipi Falls

By Tina Kiwanuka

A few weeks ago MCU visited Sipi falls in Kapchorwa district to explore hiking around the falls. The Sipi falls consist of a set of three waterfalls that offer a breath taking view and amazing scenery. Lots of birds could be viewed as we climbed to the top of the hills trekking through lush tropical vegetation. The weather is very cool all year round and this highly rates Sipi as an ideal destination for hiking. We spent close to two hours hiking around the Sipi falls and what better way to make for a great morning.

The route to the bottom of the falls is very steep and slippery but quite adventurous and worth trekking after all. Exploring and relaxing under the caves beneath the main Sipi falls whilst watching and listening to the thunderous flow of water hitting against gigantic undulating rocks after a long trek was such a thrilling experience. With the assistance of our guide, we also had the opportunity to interact with the friendly locals who showed us around their coffee plantations.  Memorable too, was the stunning sight of the rainbow that settled at the foot of the falls that we watched from atop Lacam lodge; so tranquil and magnificent.

Visiting the Sipi falls was an excellent way to explore hiking among other activities. We did identify a major area for improvement though, that is; the need to clearly put up sign posts displaying the trail names and directions.