African Freestyle Kayaking Competition

We are INSANELY excited that Kayak the Nile (U) Ltd in Uganda will be hosting the first ever African Freestyle Kayaking Championships on April 2nd 2016! Competitors from across the continent are invited to compete on the world class Nile Special wave feature. Competitors from 6 different nations will be in country and competing as part of the African Freestyle Kayaking Development Camp that is being run with Love it Live it and the ICF Freestyle Committee! For more information check out the Facebook event page.

March MCU kayaking weekend

We just cannot stay away from the lure of the Nile. MCU gets a great discount for the fabulous instructors at Kayak the Nile (U) Ltd. Kayakers of all levels are welcome (especially newbies!). It makes for a super fun weekend out of the big city.

Kayak film night @ Yasigi

Join the Mountain Club of Uganda for a FREE night of short films about whitewater kayaking. 15 short films will be shown including MCU videos, classic comedies, and honest to god professional kayaking films featuring rivers in a variety of countries including Uganda, Kenya, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Chile, Norway, Iceland, Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and the United States. So come on out for an epic night of whitewater paddling enjoyment at the best craft brewery in town.

Check out the Facebook link!