Gear Hire

Being a member of the MCU also allows you access to the Club equipment on Club trips in case you don’t own your own gear.

Rental Policy

Climbing gear rental includes shoes, a harness, carabiner, ATC, ropes, chaulk, and a helmet.

Even if you bring your own shoes, harness, ATC, etc., but do not bring a rope, you will still be expected to pay the gear rental fee. The club ropes undergo a lot of wear and tear, and we need to replace them frequently. This small rental fee helps us maintain and replace our ropes on a regular basis. If you bring your own personal rope and make it available for the club to use that day, MCU thanks you and you will be exempt from paying the gear rental fee. 


  • Outdoor climbing gear rental – 5,000 UGX for members or 15,000 UGX for non-member first-time climbers
  • Indoor climbing gear rental (at ISU) – FREE
  • Outdoor climbing gear for club trips* – 10,000 UGX

*Hiring the Club gear can only be done for official MCU trips, not for personal trips.

For any questions about MCU membership please email: